PCMed-TechnoKids, conceptualized in 2002, is a premier computer curriculum service provider in the country specializing in delivering leading edge computer curriculum to schools and providing excellent technology skills training to teachers in the service of the schools and their students. We commit ourselves to bringing together the best computer education materials and unparalleled services to our partners and our Filipino youth.


To combine education and technology to provide children with the core computing skills that will best prepare them for the future.


To be the leading pivotal force in transforming the Filipinos into becoming tech-savvy citizens who will make the Philippines an economically progressive and technologically advanced country.


Specifically, PCMed-TechnoKids will help our Filipino children achieve the following:

  1. Become innovative and expert IT professionals to shape the globe.
  2. Solve real life problems using integrated skills and technology tools.
  3. Dream big and make a positive difference in their community thru effective leadership.
  4. Become holistic citizens who are critical thinkers, morally upright, and technology savvy to be future leaders of our country.

Computer Curriculum

TechnoKids Computer Curriculum is a set of theme-based projects that can be used to integrate technology into learning experiences. Along with our package is a collection of powerful products and customized services like professional teacher training, IT e-library, professional seminars & workshops, huge community support group, comprehensive courseware and textbooks, resource CD’s, interschool activities, proprietary software and programs, strong technical support, and computer and instructional systems design.