Wild west of workout supplements

First, there was bloating, cramping, stomach pains and, like a form of withdrawal, lethargy. Next came depression, followed by anxiety and the racing heart of an addict on speed.

But this wasn from some illicit cocktail of narcotics. It was much more insidious: it was from workout supplements.

It started innocently enough: I been recovering from a concussion suffered playing hockey and set out to build my body back after close to three months of almost completely sedentary living. I packed on a good 10 pounds of fat, lost a lot of muscle definition and, now a lumpy mess, needed to regain my physique.

Because I older than 30, my metabolism would need a bit
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The supplements industry has gone from fringe to mainstream and products normally reserved for gym rats who look like inflated balloons are now commonplace in stores.

But a look inside the realm of supplements produces a
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Combining different supplements, particularly without medical supervision, can prove harmful. At least two deaths appear to have some link with their use and athletic exertion.

"The workout supplement market in Canada does feel a bit like the Wild West, a buyer beware situation," said Semone Myrie, an assistant professor at the University of Manitoba Human Nutritional Sciences Department. While not a specialist on supplements, her expertise on nutrition and the developmental origins of diseases enables her to point to holes in a
michael kors handbags outlet field where, instead of clinically educated experts, advice is offered by dietitians and nutritionists with private interests. "Should Health Canada take more of a stand in enforcing the regulations?" Myrie asked. "Absolutely."I tinkered with supplements throughout my sporting career, but now I decided to become a personal lab rat, head to my nearest supplement store and immerse my body full on. firm Pharmafreak Technologies Inc. and containing 1,500 mg of concentrated creatine hydrochloride.

Creatine has been the go to ingredient for years for bodybuilders wanting to add muscle mass quickly. There was a recommended loading phase, a sustainment phase and a cycling off phase.

Results were dramatic. Creatine Freak helped me gain substantial weight, all of it muscle. Within weeks, I turned my body from
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However, Creatine Freak came with side effects, though none was listed on the packaging; except instructions
cheap Michael Kors handbags outlet that I should consume two to four litres of water a day while using it, which made bathroom trips a nearly constant occurrence. Increased cramping, bloating and stomach pain were the main ills after I been on it for a few weeks, well past the loading phase. According to some studies, creatine is said to not only cause body cells to retain water, but also helps produce adenosine triphosphate the power generator for the body muscles. However, beyond giving you a pumped up look, its benefit is anecdotal at best, and the medical community has reached no consensus on its long term
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When I cycled off the supplement, I was fatigued for a week. Lethargic, sloth like, I assumed my body was adjusting to not having the recommended dose I been taking before every weightlifting session. I had enough. It felt like going through a cold without the cough and I didn want to put my body through that again.

After Creatine Freak, I started taking Pro Line Advanced Nutrition BCAA Stack. BCAA refers to branch chained amino acids and they are probably the second most popular workout supplement behind creatine mixes. He was neither doctor, nutritionist nor dietitian, but appeared well versed in how to use BCAAs to my advantage.

The ingredient list was incomprehensible. It included 6,000 mg of 100% Instantized BCAA in a 4:1:1 Ratio, 4,000 mg of Micronized L Glutamine (USP Grade) and 2,000 mg of L Citrulline Malate Vitamin Matrix. But the results were indisputable. I gained muscle while cutting weight and found new levels of energy every time I headed to the gym.

However, my mood sank and I became unusually depressed with no reasonable explanation. After some research, I found a few studies that suggested taking BCAAs decreases levels of serotonin a secretion mainly found in the gastrointestinal tract and believed to contribute to a feeling of well being.

But no one at the store where it was sold seemed to have a notion of what I was talking about. So I started supplementing BCAAs with 5 HTP and tyrosine, which some believe raise serotonin levels. The mix seemed to do the trick, but I was left shaken, knowing a supplement would
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Finally, I used Carnitine Burn, also made by Pro Line Advanced Nutrition. It was described as "a powerful insulin stabilizer and antioxidant," that increased "hormone sensitive lipase which shrinks fat cells," raised serotonin levels in the body and was "clinically shown to dramatically improve nutrient absorption in the body."

The supplement did exactly what it was supposed to do burned fat, melting it from my body every time I exercised. But it also left me jumpy, nervous, anxious and with an elevated heart rate. It was impossible to sit still or relax, meaning my motivation to go to the gym increased exponentially. The only way to help wind down was to have a beer or take an over the counter painkiller.

The store clerk offered another supplement to offset the Carnitine Burn, but I lacked faith in his medical knowledge to take the leap. So again, much like creatine and BCAAs, with no consensus from the medical community on the effects of this supplement, I was forced to tinker with my own body.

Meanwhile, Edmonton ophthalmologist Andrew Machuk was in a similar state. A relatively fit former
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While the product labelling might as well have been written in hieroglyphics, the outcome was pretty straightforward.

"The results were dramatic," said Machuk. "Over the course of the first six weeks I lost 10 pounds while maintaining or exceeding my previous weight maximums. Not only did I hit my weight loss goals successfully, but my energy and mood was up and food cravings decreased between meals."Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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