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Kate bestows her fashion favour on an Irish designer When the Duchess of Cambridge stepped out in one of her ‘Birdie’ print dresses at an engagement in Oxford, the 162.50 (194) garment quickly sold out. Following the royal seal of approval, Kate’s growing army of fashion imitators didn’t take long to zone in on the [...]

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A Key to Powerful Marketing Some trade show promotional opportunities include sponsorship of the press room, an international lounge, a speaker or VIP room, an awards reception, educational programs, banners, badge holders, audio visual equipment, display computers, tote bags, shuttle buses, napkins oakleys sunglasses and drink cups. So, why should your company be interested in [...]

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Women’s Issues Articles Natural Alternative To Hormone Replacement Thereapy (HRT) When women eneter the menopause, cheap fake oakley sunglasses most are invariably prescribed hormone replacement treatment cheap oakley sunglasses (HRT). However, medical research has concluded that these drugs can increase the incidence of breast and other cancers and there is a natural alternative. One of [...]

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10TB SSDs on the way from Toshiba and Intel…but not for at least a year

Micron and Intel, and separately Toshiba, have revealed that solid state drives (SSDs) as large as 10 terrabytes will be available to manufacturing partners as early as next year. Ultimately, it’s still pretty early days for the multi-layer chip technologies that make such capacities possible, but devices containing 10TB of SSD storage are at least [...]

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British Scientists Power Cell Phones With Urine

Researchers are constantly working on ways to power our lives through alternative sources of energy. From power- generating insoles to thermoelectric flashlights, researchers know that plenty of energy could be harvested from the human body, through our movement, our heat, and now, our urine. 416 total views, no views today

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Give voice to your apps: Why speech will replace touch as smart devices’ primary input

We often see sci-fi movies portray smart devices which can interact with human characters as if they were their companion. With increasing sophistication of devices, especially smartphones, this may become a reality sooner than most expect.   423 total views, no views today

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